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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:59pm PDT

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a "top gun" sequel stocker tom cruise surprise landing at comic-con and only e.t. with this guy our maverick prank that fooled everyone. then is j.lo super bowl bound? >> miami is a big deal. >> the news she'd only break to e.t. after her new york blockout. why her sexiest role to date is also the most dangerous. >> my arm is still recovering. then beyonce's big oops meeting meghan markle as queen bee geoes for emmy gold and snubs. >> da, da, da, shade. then, why the first scenes from "cats" have social media
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scratching and clawing. and we're onset as taylor swift gets purr-fectly into her character. >> it's fun. >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to "e.t. weekend." it's been a crazy name with big names and big superprices. >> tom cruise flew into town and gave us what we've been waiting for the first look at the highly anticipated top gun sequel. >> mr. tom cruise. >> i'm feeling that loving feeling. 34 years ago, i made a movie in san diego right here actually shot across the street at a the
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7-year-old "top gun" surprised everyone thursday walking on the stage to introduce the film's trailer. >> everything you see in this film, obviously, it's for real. >> as for the plot, well, it seriously is one of the most closely guarded secrets in hollywood. >> one of livest mysteries. >> but the new trailer reveals a ton of clues first the thfull throttle, classic aviators, and bomber jacket. look closely inside the locker. that's a picture of his fallen navigator and best friend goose. miles teller plays goose' son and knows his way around. transporting back to the iconic valley ball scene nearly frame by frame and we see a first glimpse of maverick's love interest after debuting that internet breaking trailer.
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tom joined conan and proved he can still deliver some of his most iconic lines. >> show me the money! >> show me the money. >> tell me that you yell that at your atm. les grossman had an iconic line. >> i will [ bleep ] you up. i will massacre you. i will massacre you. >> playa. >> i said look, i'd love to play this character but i want to have fat hands and i'm going to dance. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> so much excitement here at comic-con in san diego but let's jump to the east coast where jennifer lopez rocked new york after that massive blackout and get this, madison square garden, that was cool but the soon to be 50-year-old has their sights set on the big leagues playing the super bowl. and miami is a big deal.
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♪ ♪ >> we'll see. they make their own decisions. >> if she is saying she thought about it, we're thinking she wants this but our question is how has j.lo not done the super bowl? the closer she's been to the stage when she headlines a concert in minneapolis. but for now, j.lo is fully focused on her it's my party tour monday night only e.t. was there for the madison square garden return, that smile right there says it all. the concert was a makeup show after last saturday night's power outage forced the performance to be evacuated and ultimately cancelled. >> i was like okay, let's wait a second. it will come back on and we'll keep going and then people are running back, we have to evacuate and it was a bigluckil everyone got out safe.
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they were like you don't have to do the show, insurance will cover everything, including you and the fans. i'm like i can't leave it like that. >> the soon to be 50-year-old was in full work-like balance mode. her 11-year-old twins max and emmy were just off camera. >> hold on one second, baby, we're in the middle of an interview. we can't do this, okay? a-rod has been by her side during this tour. j.lo said she has one major wish for their upcoming i dos. >> standing up straight and don't say anything. >> let's get back to movie news, the "lion king" is roaring into theaters and beyonce dropped a video for the film but the big question, what did it take to convince the queen bee to return to the big screen after nearly a decade. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> i am still a bit in shock that i'm apart of this film because i grew up loving the "lion king".
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>> it helps she's a fan but took the director about three years to get the busy super star cast as nala, the role needed a sasha fierce update. >> he put nala alongside simba in the big fight and i thought that was really interesting and very real. [ laughter ] >> because the women, we're the fighters. ♪ ♪ who won the world, girls >> these three helped likely seal the deal. >> being a mother, my family is my biggest priority. it's not many films that the parents can go and feel the way i feel about "lion king" and share that, pass that legacy on to their kids. >> beyonce released her "spirit" music video tuesday in an abc news special. she just reshot scenes last week at this arizona water fall. when you're the queen, you can close down part of the grand
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canyon with 24-hour notice. who helped her do that? james early jones' brother handles arizona's filming permits. in total the water fall scene is 1 10.5 seconds. blue ivy is in the video and sings on the album out now. after the "lion king" premiere she got to meet duchess meghan markle and katy nickel broke it down. >> two minutes of face time is almost unheard of so clearly, meghan and harry were thrilled to meet jay-z and beyonce and not in a hurry to move on. >> e.t. learned meghan was eager to meet beyonce say. >> she arrived after the royals. >> she and jay-z got more applause from the fans but that's not all that raised eyebrows. >> hugging a royal was not standard protocol. she embraced both of the royals with her hand around meghan's
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lower back and on harry, two kisses for harry, as well. >> but this shot proves harry is all about wishing we could ease drop on meghan and beyonce's conversation. the main topic, 2 month old baby archie. beyonce wasn't the only "lion king" cast member to be star struck. >> i've been practicing my protocol. i'm excited. i never thought about meeting them. they seem very cool. i've never been part of a royal premiere so dressing up like this is what we normally do in los angeles. turner and adorable story about blue avivy and how she reacted. you'll hear that later. but right now you know what beyonce is doing? celebrating those six emily nominations because of --
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>> homecoming. >> it was fabulous. >> other stars and party mode over there big emmies. ns. >> sterling k brown with his son on his lap offered congrats to his co-stars and mandy moore who spoke with michelle turner on the phone. >> how did you get the news this morning? >> i was at soul cycle and got out and had 65 text messages and i opened the first one from my husband and it just said you did it and there was like ten exclamation points. "this is us" picked up nine nominations overall. we spoke with chris sullivan from his carriage. >> if they want to know how proud are prd. >> from l.a. to new york, nine and dreaming. >> big nominees on emmy night including the cast of "game of
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thrones" and the most nominations and 12 more than the marvelous but who got snubbed? >> somebody, anybody tell me where have i failed? >> george clooney got no love for "catch 22" and julia roberts overlooked and big bang theory getting their recognition seems like a big miss. just like this, other fan favorite show. >> i don't know this is e.t. the shade version. wow. wow. da, da, da shade. >> on the way, brad and leo talking ageing out of hollywood, plus, your first look at hustler, how j.lo really went for it. >> my a is still recovering. >> then, miley tweaks again why she's calling out brittany as miranda area her hot hubby's dirty laundry. >> come on, really? >> after tom cruise jetted in comic-con, we're with the fans >> after tom cruise jetted in comic-con, we're with the fans getting revved up to
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cardi b. >> money, money. >> they are laughing all the way to the bank. it's their new movie "hustlers". >> so fabulous. michelle turner and i held off to watch the trailer until we were together and as you'll see, it was worth the wait. >> a classic. >> hook. ankle hook, from here you can do the the. >> that was the hardest thing i've ever did but worth it. >> role playing a stripper she visited a strip club and much to the delight of her fiancee alex rodriguez, he got to tag along. the dedication to her craft left her fellow cast mates in awe.
7:14 pm
>> i took everything for me to keep my job. it's not jlo but a different person and so not a performance. >> j.lo produced the movie and cast cardi b. perfect fit for the ex stripper turned rapper. >> i just felt like cardi was a natural choice. ♪ ♪ >> the actress and movie, no, no, no this is how it goes. this is my life. >> kiki palmer probably took that advice. he performance brought tears to an unlikely person. >> my mom said she was proud the way i handled that pole. >> i was. it was a very tearful moment. >> all right. we were so excited about this trailer. we promised each other we would watch together. are you ready to watch. >> i'm ready. >> let's go j.lo. >> front hook, ankle look. >> okay. >> i can't see anything but the booty.
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♪ ♪ >> okay. j.lo and the fur is everything i everneeded. >> i'm going to text him. >> who gave her her phone back? [ laughter ] >> come on. i'm ready. >> perhaps miley was inspired by j.lo and the "hustlers" trailer because she's twerking again and not leaving much to the imagination. let's clean this up for family tv. that's better. the newlywed wrote she was home alone and started dancing. she invited brittany to choreograph something but brit brit was busy. she posted this move with her shirtless boyfriend. and brittany wasn't the only one showing off herma man's wash bod abs. miranda lambert used her husband to "it comes out in the wash."
7:16 pm
no dancing for katy perry. >> the singer spent two days in court as a defendant in a copyright lawsuit. her 2013 hit "dark horse" a grammy nominated christian rapper claims katy stole the beat from his song joyful noise. >> let's talk about it. ♪ ♪ >> katy and the other composures of dark horse said they never heard of the rapper or his song. the trial is expected to last two weeks. >> you know what it is? y'all know what it is. >> so is katy worried? doesn't look like it. wednesday before court she orlando went on a bike date. we'll be with katy's man this week at comic-con and he's promoting carnival road. still ahead, mission impersonator. >> people are losing their minds. >> only we're with the man creating maverick mania all
7:17 pm
overcoove over comic-con. plus, we're hanging with karate kid all grown up and becoming one of youtube's biggest stars. >> we're catching lightning in the bottle twice. >> dwayne the rock, what's the one thing that
7:18 pm
7:19 pm
'. welcome back to our e.t. suite at comic-con. some of the biggest stars are going for fan fest and tom cruise completely shocked everyone showing up unannounced but for the people that didn't get to see tom, don't worry, we surprised him with the next best thin thing. surrounded by crowds walking the floor, he seemed like the real deal. but it's not tom, it's his look alike jerome leblanc. what's your favorite thing about coming to comic-con? >> i love meeting my fans. >> the 31-year-old is mobbed by
7:20 pm
fans everywhere he goes including san diego's kansas city barbecue where this "top gun" scene was shot. >> what's it like being here? >> fantastic. ♪ you broke my will, what a thrill, goodness gracious great balls of fire ♪ >> leblanc is from montreal. >> how long did it take you to get the last down? >> about a year. >> how did yo stumble into this line of work? >> interestingly when i moved to los angeles, i heard so many times i look like tom cruise. put the jump suit on and went t how i started. >> you want him for your birthday party, bachelorette party, midway maverick is for hire. his top rate $500 an hour. >> you're maverick, i'm goose. >> i really want to take off, man. can you fire this thing up?
7:21 pm
>> fire it up. let's go. maverick, get it going. >> yes, sir. >> listen, there is only one thing we have left to do. let's do it. >> i feel the need. for speed, brother. >> ouch. >> oh. >> let's move on now to the real karate kid. earlier he hit up our e.t. suite to talk about his spin off hit that is youtube's most successful series ever. >> 35 years ago now karate kid came out and you look back and it's still this phenomenon. what do you remember about shooting that movie? >> getting my butt kicked. i remember i do remember that and it's still happening today. no, i think, you know, there was something that billy says that project is kissed in someway and i feel like we catch lightning in the bottle twice. >> you know it's funny you talk about that because i want to
7:22 pm
talk you back to '84. we were on the set and i want you to listen to this. >> i think this movie could very well be a sleeper, a film that starts out with solid business and when the word of mouth gets around, this is an entertaining warm movie. you know, i think it's going to do its job. >> pretty good. >> i had a moment. >> i'm going to need to use that in the future. occasionally know what i'm talking about. >> can we bring in the young folks. >> i want to bring in marry and tanner. let them come on in. >> because it's comic-con we have surprises for you. somebody that wanted to stop by and say hello. let's see if they will come in and say hello. come on in. [ laughter ] >> steve randall, how are you? good to see you again. >> you told me $20, remember.
7:23 pm
>> to another blast from the past invading comic-con. arnold schwarzenegger and linda hamilton are reuniting in terminator dark fate. >> action! >> it was funny, you came in here and said you did not feel like a bad ass until this movie, why? >> i don't feel like i earned the title for myself until this film. i woke up and said i'm getting through this. we're doing this. i am doing this 27 years later. i am a bad ass. >> who are you? >> my name is sarah conner. never seen one lake you before. >> she is an amazing actress. i love her on screen. her voice, everything she does is amazing but also a great human being so, you know. >> you got emotional during the panel talking about it. >> i'm not going to cry. i cry. >> i'll be back. >> did you guys go to her
7:24 pm
wedding. i was arnold. >> me and chris pratt. >> father of the bride. let's remember father of the bride, don't disrespect him like that. >> no. >> no? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we are a team. >> and the iconic 90210 team is back together again. >> before you say anything, i'm sorry. >> we kind of like left ourselves vulnerable. we're okay with that. we'll dive into personal issues that we as a cast have dealt with in our own lives. >> going back is just what we all need to go forward. >> tory in real life has five kids. on this show hey she has six kids. jenny has been to a man. e' in her real life but on the show, it will be character of that. >> attention "90210 sup" super . >> it's opening days before the
7:25 pm
reboot premiere. it sold out in less than 24 hours. does that mean we're having other people come back because you're in the peach pit? >> absolutely. >> christina comes back and we have a series that will tee up episodes in the future. >> up next. >> it's official old buddy. >> it has been. >> too old for hollywood? ready to retire? brad and leo get real about leaving the fame game for good. >> there is a shelf life on this. jennifer hudson, taylor swift, your first look behind the scenes of the new "cats" movie musical. >> we got to update it in ways that are so, so great. >> closed captioning provided by --
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documents filed d by his pregn 31-year-old estranged wife. she alleges that on july 4th, mike demanded she got an abortion or he would file for divorce. mike ultimately did file on july 10th siting ir recko ir reckon sighble differences. mike has denied all of laura's allegations. number four, a modern family star's engagement. sarah hyland and bachelorette alumni are heading to the alter. the diamond ring estimated cost is $200,000. number three, j.lo's possible super bowl debut. >> we thought about the super bowl. >> miami is a big deal. we'll see. they make their own decision. >> j.lo is focused on its my party tour. only e.t. was there for the
7:30 pm
madison square garden return after last weekend's power outage. >> luckily everybody got out safe like you don't have to do the show. insurance will cover everything including you and the fans. i'm like i can't leave it like that. >> number two, "game of thrones." the final season of the series received a record 32 nominations. >> no, but not enemies, emmies. >> this is us star sterling brown offered congrats to his co-stars who spoke with the show on the phone. >> how did you get the news this morning? >> i was at soul cycle and got out and had like 65 text mess e week, the return of movie star beyonce. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> i grew up loving the "lion king." the first disney movie that brought me to tears. >> it took the direct tor three
7:31 pm
years to get the cast as nala. >> it was important to the director that nala and females in this film are heroes because the women are, you know, we're the fighters. ♪ who run the world, girls >> brad and leo promoting once upon a time in hollywood. >> i saw it this week. fantastic. their chemistry together, next weekend already giving us life. two of the biggest movie stars in the entire world talk about ageing out of hollywood. >> have either of you ever had that sense where either the train has stopped or maybe i want to get off? >> i think we're aware there is a shelf life on this. >> you looked at the trajectory and careers of some of the greatest actors i've admired and ebb and flow and hopefully, you can be in the race as a long distance runner. >> wait, brad and leo too old for hollywood. pit is55 and 11 years older
7:32 pm
than leo has been talking about it. he's worried about becoming a dinosaur in hollywood and called it a younger man's game. ageing out is a theme of the movie "once upon a time" in hollywood but brad has an exit strategy. he's spending more time working behind the scenes and we're told he's focussing on his family. a source tells e.t. brad is spending more time with his kids this summer and angelina is film a movie. a visitation schedule for their six children was created specifically for the situation. and by the way, if you're loving brad and leo's partnership, they just told "the today show" it's just beginning. >> he wants to do a christmas album. >> i want to did a christmas album. >> i'm all in for whatever brad and leo want to do but you better watch out, brad, because
7:33 pm
the reigning sexiest man alive, he also has a movie hitting theaters, "cats" with taylor swift. here is the first look behind the scenes. ♪ ♪ >> it was just like a real magic moment to watch jennifer and taylor who are top of their game. ♪ ♪ >> i was going to throw a party alone. i literally have been anticipating doing that song in the scene since the moment i got the role. >> j hud belting the memory and fat cat rebel wilson bringing the funny and we got a very quick cliglimpse of taylor swif >> i personally think her cat is the sexiest out of all the cats. >> we got to update it in ways i think are just so, so, so great. >> for technology to create the
7:34 pm
most perfect covering of fur. >> they are people but cats and this is blowing my mind. >> there is nothing else like it. >> this is a moment for you to step into a desk completely designed to entertain. >> the reason i'm excited and honored to get to be part of this. >> this film is an event. >> are you going to try for a different life? >> taylor swift is living her best life. cat-loving taylor as a cat. she's never taken that fur off. she can't actually put it on because it's digital. i'm happy for you, girl. >> this is her moment. fans here at comic-con are pumped because they are excited to see the fast and furious. >> it's of course out next month and michelle turner found dwayne johnson bringing some very competitive hate to the red carpet at their big premiere. >> why is he the perfect guy to have a bromance with?
7:35 pm
>> i can swap him around. >> what's one thing you can do better than dwayne? >> one thing, struggle sports car would say because you can hardly get in one. >> what's one thing i can do better than save them. you ask the question as if it's singular. it's plural. >> no way. this guy is a real life -- >> he doesn't laugh a lot onset he's very focused. i make him laugh. it's the best. when the camera cuts we can't stop laughing. >> jason wasn't the only one in the crass hairs. >> you like posted this insane stunt where you lift the guy over your head and you actually body slam him. >> wasn't just some guy. that was him. kicked his butt. >> his head is bigger than mine on the poster. >> between his other gig d.j. and provided the enterta entertainment at harry and
7:36 pm
meghan's i dos. maybe interesting in the wedding. >> we're getting married next week. >> see. >> it's crcrazy. >> what's your craziest or biggest fan encounter you've had? >> the ones that get tattoos of my face or tattoo. it already happened. [ laughter ] >> you and jason have my face tattooed on your upper back. >> straight ahead, the original "lion king" star. whatever happened to jonathan taylor thomas. >> i'll be able to show my grandkids. >> and is the new live version of "lion king" critic beyoncbey'
7:37 pm
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welcome back, big fan fest comic-con is winding down but can pick up a few musts have without spending a ton of money. we've teamed up to bring you the vip seats and you can get everything here. here comes our morning save. >> i was worried about you. i thought maybe you were having a baby back there. >> not yet. we'll relax in the grass and listen to tunes. >> that's what you need. >> that's what i need. >> we can invite that baby. >> come glenently and listen toe
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run away, simba and never return. >> no worries, we have no worries because the new live action "lion king" is in theaters right now. >> no worries about the tongues you're using. michelle turner got the details on the full -- >> irk circle of life. >> glover had -- >> stefeeling the love tonight. >> from his son. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> when i came on screen, he was like gave me the double take a couple times and kept looking. >> and my wife was like, he's getting it. it was really special. >> it's really me. >> so donald's real life cub
7:48 pm
gets it. dad is a star but not a bigger star than queen b, remember when he told us this at the hollywood premiere? >> i said do you want the see the "lion king" he said yes. beyonce is in it, right? yeah, but daddy is in it, too. >> did you get to meet beyonce? >> he was so tired and so done. >> someone legend did meet, blue ivy. turns out the 7-year-old is one of those people that like to talk during movies. >> he was behind us so blue ivy was narrating the movie like scar like and my son was like what? like who is that? she was -- >> don't trust him. stay out of the elephant graveyard. >> ruined the move already. it's okay. >> i heard her go are the animals talking? i think about that.
7:49 pm
the animals look so real. oh my god, they talk. that's a powerful company. >> it's a lion, run for your life simba. >> it gets bigger. >> there is a lot of improve and easter eggs like a nod to "beauty and the beast" and one point-sized critic gives it a total thumbs up. >> this morning my son was running around the house being a lion all morning. all morning. i mean, wouldn't come to breakfast unless i was like breakfast is ready. lion, breakfast is ready. now i can eat. >> now, before the live action version there was of course disney's animated classic and we're looking back at the original 25 years later with things you might not know. ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days ♪ >> if i have children, i know i'll be pleased with this daddy
7:50 pm
and eventually grandpa lion. so definitely you think about that. >> first up, matthew wasn't a dad yet when he recorded two years of grown up simba but replaced by a professional for singing. >> recorded twice but then they elected not the use my recordings. >> you can't do anything to me. >> technically, they can. >> 12-year-old jonathan taylor thomas was already a sitcom star on "home improvement" when he got the gig as simba to record his part, the now 37-year-old walked away from hollywood to pursue education, graduating from colombia university. >> his ears or whatever, i'll be able to pop in the videotape room if grandkids. >> the original might have given us the first crosswalk musical
7:51 pm
ever in 1994 but did you know nathan improvised many of his famous lines in the movie. >> you guys have to create a dif version. >> what do you want me to do? >> get this, they brought in real life lions to practice sketching. everyone got the full on disney treatment. >> the eye expression, i noticed similar bar got in trouble with his father. he gave this kind of mope look and, you know, dropped the whole thing. that looks exactly like you. >> all right. how about another flash back? remember the thriller "the blare witch project". >> you remember that? >> i remember not seeing it because i was too scared and haven't to this day. it's been 20 years since the first of its kind scared the living daylights out of people everywhere. >> we put together one flash back because i can find people today that believe it's true and
7:52 pm
e.t. was there for it all. >> toward the very end it was very scary. >> i'm so sorry. for everything that has happened. >> hollywood had never seen anything like this. >> oh my god. >> a documentary-type story 20 years ago with shaky camera moves about a search for a witch in the woods it left audiences wondering if they really were watching lost footage. >> it is my fault. >> it was eight days total shooting. >> actress heather donohue shot to fame after the success. today she's a marijuana farmer and wrote a book called "grow girl". >> how has life changed sincepr >> it's chaoti convincing, a lo of people stunned to see the 1992 when they were >> how do you sum it up? >> i a mazing. >> the actors truly suffered in
7:53 pm
the wilderness. >> how filthy did i get? >> i had dirt under my fingernails and dirt and bugs in my hair. >> we were the blare witch so we had to go out at 4:00 in the morning. it was a lot of work for everyone involved and seems to have paid off. >> it did. take this in. the film makers put the expense for the movie about $60,000 on their credit card. it was bought for $1.1 million and went on to make a staggering $250 million. what do you mean you don't have the map? >> from s and l to the mupp, ts. >> these shows and other movies are using the blare juice as we call it to promote themselves. it's cool. it's cool. >> when will you finally see this movie. >> you will never ever see this
7:54 pm
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consideration provided by -- a few stars with birthdays, gazelle is 39 and josh is celebrating turning 41. now take a final look at your
7:57 pm
choices. which actor's were in musical roles, julie ann huff turning 31 this weekend. >> monday on e.t. >> garth, blake on the road on e.t. our exclusive with the country music superstar before their epic live duet. >> only on et. >> we have one more cool thing to check out. >> we do. it's a video from our friend jason derulo features a puerto rican singer, songwriter, the bilingual song debuted at number one on the latin digital sales chart and jason joins a slew of singers including john legend pushing out hits for the summer. >> that's the move. that's the trend. enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend r, everybody. we'll see you later. >> bye. ♪ ♪
7:58 pm
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>>now at 8 san francisco church members took to the streets today demanding for migrant families and children. thank you for joining us tonight at 8, i'm jr style. >>i'm justine waldman these families are calling on the government to close down the ice detention centers and improve the conditions there kron 4 cylinder sacking has our story. >>members at first rsalist in o francisco churches took to the streets on sunday to share the same message children were dying and the conditions we now know just i mean you know just how willing they


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